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An online electoral roll search can help you locate a person to any UK address. Searches can be carried out online with many free results possible, and take just a few seconds. The electoral roll (electoral register) is a national database of every adult residing in the UK today. It lists the full name, age and home address for every person at a particular address, that is eligible to vote in elections. #electoralrollsearch

You can carry out a search by filling out the box above, you will then see the results on 192's website. If there are no free search results available then you will be able to see basic details of premuim results. You can choose to buy credits if you want to see these. Credits don't cost much but remember to check if the person you are trying to find shows up in the free section first!

2020 Electoral roll data has now been added, over 1.5 million new names and address data is available!

The electoral roll is produced in two versions, the full version and the edited version. You can elect not to have your electoral data made available on the edited (open) version if you so wish, although credit reference agencies can still access this.

The edited version is made available to the public for any purpose, and searching it is a very quick way to trace a person to any UK address.

What information will I see when I search the Electoral roll?

When you search you will see the results as in the below example. The top section are totally free results (just register for free to see them) The bottom section are the premium results and will require you to purchase credits in order to see the full address and occupant details.

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