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Electoral Roll Search

Do you need a quick and easy way of finding people in the UK . The electoral roll is just a national list or database of every adult living in the UK today. It lists the full name, age and home address for every person living at a particular address, that is eligible to vote.

Searching this electoral roll is incredibly easy and fast when you use online providers such as our chosen search provider 192 (see the search box to the right or click on any of their banners to access name and address details instantly)

The roll is produced in 2 versions they are the full one and the edited one. You can view the full version if you make an appointment at your local council offices, however this can be very time consuming and is not always convenient.

If you want to carry out an online electoral roll search then 192 is your best option. Searches are instant with a mix of free and paid results. Even if you opt for the premium results they only costs a few pence.

You can filter your searches too. You can tell the system only to show information by a persons full name or middle name, by a particular job they do or only show people that are currently living with a person of a particular name. This is really useful when looking for people with very common names.

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In order to carry our an electoral roll search you simply need the persons name, if you have information which narrows down the search area like they may be living within 12 miles off Bradford  this will help to reduce the number of search results and enable you to find the person you are looking for faster.

Go to "Searching" or click on the 192 banners to start your search now. You could have the results you need in a matter of seconds. Both FREE and premium results are available!

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