Electoral roll data 2021 

Providing powerful searches

We have chosen to use the electoral roll data supplied by 192 as it is the UK's leading people finder because it searches more records than any other service, meaning you are much more likely to find the people you're searching for.

The electoral register data you can search instantly provides a very broad coverage of the UK population, more than any other electoral roll search website because it uses Electoral Register data from 2000 to 2020 / 2021 in addition to UK Directory Enquiries and Director reports. Electoral data is updated on a daily basis giving you the best possible chance of finding the person you are looking for.

The search results provide a complete profile of any person you find whilst searching. A typical profile will include full name (first, middle and surname), current UK address, age guide, phone number (when available), other property occupiers, neighbour details, latest house price and even an aerial photo of the property.

How to Search the Electoral Roll

Use the Electoral Roll search to search UK-wide – for example, you are able to search for "Jessica Smith" without having to specify a location or current home address. This might return a large list of search results, so you can refine your Electoral Roll search by Other House Occupants (e.g. wife or husband) or  Age range (i.e. 23-27) occupation or job title like secretary or even a rough idea of location for example search for this person within a 20 mile radius of Bedford.


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