Electoral roll searches 2020 - 2021

Who are you searching for on the Electoral Roll ?

An Electoral roll search can help you find or locate  a person and trace their UK address details. Searches can be carried out online with many free results possible, and take just a few seconds to complete. The electoral roll (electoral register) is a national database of every adult residing in the UK today. It lists the full name, age, occupation and home address for every person at a particular location, that is eligible to vote in elections. Start your search below:

You can  search by filling out the box above to find a persons UK address details, you will then see the results. If there are no free results available then you will be able to see basic details of premium results. You can choose to buy credits if you want to see these. Credits don't cost much and work out at a few pence each, but remember to check if the person you are trying to find shows up in the free section first! Searching is fast and very accurate.

2021 Electoral rolls data has now been added, over 1.9 million new names and address data is available!

The roll is produced in two versions, the full version and the edited version. You can elect not to have your electoral data made available on the edited (open) version if you so wish, although credit reference agencies can still access this to verify your details when applying for loans etc.

The edited version is made available to the public for any purpose, and searching it is a very quick way to trace a person to any UK address.

What Information Will I See When I Search the records?

When you search you will see the results as in the below example. The top section are totally free results (just register for free to see them) The bottom section are the premium results and will require you to purchase credits in order to see the full address and occupant details.

We provide electoral searches for 2000 - 2021:

New Electoral register Data Added For 2020 AND 2021 Just published is a significant update to the 2021 open Electoral Register (also known as the edited Electoral Roll). In this major update more than 1.9 million new name and address records have been added to the database ready for immediate searching, so if you’re searching for an old friend, colleague or family member, it’s worth searching this new data even if you have searched before.

Electoral roll search  faq

Electoral Register FAQ

Common Questions Regarding The Electoral Roll

There are two versions of the roll; you can choose to opt out of one version, but your details need to be on the other version for credit checks to obtain bank loans, credit cards and mortgages, so credit reference agencies can search your details when you apply for credit.

The two versions are:

- The full version, which is used when you vote in elections.

- The open (or edited) version, which is available for companies to purchase, you can opt out of this version if you wish.

What does the electoral roll contain? It contains the names, addresses, occupations and ages of everyone in the UK who is allowed to vote.

What's the full version used for? The full version lists names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections (general elections and local), and it's used to ensure only eligible voters can place a vote. It therefore helps to prevent electoral fraud.

Do my details need to be on the full version? YES, If they are not then applying for any form of credit, credit cards, loans etc will be very hard, as it will result in identification and residential tracing problems.

What's the open / edited roll and do I need to be on it? this is the public version of the electoral roll. It's mainly used by business for marketing purposes. whilst you need to be on the electoral roll to vote, and to apply for credit, there's no requirement for you to be on the open electoral roll.

Can I check if I am on the open electoral roll? Yes, use the box at the top of this page to see if you appear listed.

Can I see old versions of the Electoral Roll? Yes our data spans the last 21 years.


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